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Why Airtel is Asking Users to Get 5G Smartphones instead of 4G Devices



Gopal Vittal, the CEO of Airtel, advised customers to search for a 5G-capable smartphone when they purchase a new gadget. The company’s CEO revealed in a letter to customers that users would soon be able to use the Airtel Thanks app to see if their area supports Airtel’s 5G services. The telco has previously declared that it would introduce 5G services in the nation by October, probably before Diwali. Around the same time, its largest rival, Reliance Jio, will launch its fast internet services in India.

Urban India to Have Airtel 5G by the End of 2023

Vittal states in the letter to customers, “Within a month, we plan to begin our 5G services. We should achieve coverage in the major urban areas by December. After that, we’ll quickly grow to include the entire nation. By the end of 2023, we hope to have urban India completely covered.”

Additionally, he asserts that Airtel’s 5G network was developed with consumers’ smartphones in mind and is not a standalone network (NSA). Due to the fact that NSA is based on an existing 4G network, it is frequently used in other nations. By doing this, the trouble of procuring a new SIM card or even setting up the new infrastructure is eliminated.

“This guarantees that any 5G smartphone in India will function flawlessly on the Airtel network. This will hold true even if you use an Airtel 5G phone to travel overseas. In comparison to earlier technologies, it’s possible that up to four out of ten 5G phones don’t support 5G, ” he stated.

As opposed to the 4G network, Vittal further asserted that Airtel 5G would offer “dramatically greater speeds.”


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