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Rare fossilized vomit discovered in Utah’s ‘Jurassic salad bar’


Hundreds of millions of years ago, a carnivorous critter gorged on a feast of prehistoric amphibians — and puked up its meal afterward. Now, paleontologists have unearthed the regurgitation and published their findings of the ancient upchuck.

In 2018, researchers discovered the regurgitalite — fossilized remains of an animal’s stomach contents, also known as a bromalite — during an excavation in the southeastern Utah portion of the Morrison Formation. This swath of sedimentary rocks that stretches across the Western United States is a hotbed for fossils dating to the late Jurassic period (164 million to 145 million years ago). This section in particular, dubbed the “Jurassic salad bar” by local paleontologists, typically contains the fossilized remains of plants and other organic matter, rather than animal bones.


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