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MagView Pairs Phone Cameras to Scopes & Binoculars for Neck-Friendly Viewing, Photography


Magnetic Scope Attachment smartphone

MagView adapters hold smartphone cameras to the eyepiece of a spotting scope or binoculars. Once aligned, you can lean back and use the screen to watch wildlife and take photos. 

MagView designed its digiscope adapters to make your favorite optics easier and more enjoyable to use for hunting, birding, or nature photography. Trying to hold your smartphone camera in just the right spot can be frustrating, and it’s not any easier when there are scopes or binoculars involved. These adapters were made to help. 

MagView gets its name from the rare-earth magnets it uses in its products. According to the brand, its adapters can hold your phone’s camera against a spotting scope or binoculars without interrupting their everyday use or requiring you to change phone cases. 

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About MagView

Frustrated with existing optics, MagView seeks to create user-friendly digiscoping solutions. A big part of the brand’s approach is the universal design of the mount and adapters that don’t interfere with your routine phone and optics use.

With a mounted scope or pair of binoculars, you can even go hands-free and look down at the screen while you zoom in or out to capture photos and video. 

Each adapter fastens on with an Allen bolt and fits around a scope or the dominant (left) eyepiece of your favorite binoculars. In the brand’s setup videos, MagView recommends testing the tightness after every quarter-turn of the bolt. 

From there, magnets inside the adapter hold onto the metal plate adhered to any smartphone or case, according to the brand.

Read on for more details about each piece in the adapter system and how they work together to help you get more utility out of your optics.

MagView Digiscope Adapters

Phone Plate

MagView Phone Plate

The heart of the MagView system, this stainless steel plate weighs less than half an ounce and attaches to the back of your phone or phone case via adhesive. MagView says the plate will not impede your cell reception. 

Once the phone plate is in place, you can swap it with other adapters. That’s because it works with the magnets in the adapters, not on your phone. These plates are included with the scope and binocular adapters laid out below. 

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S1 Spotting Scope Adapter


The S1 adapter fits over your spotting scope’s eyepiece to fit snug against the included metal plate adhered to your smartphone. It also comes with a built-in cap to protect your optics from dust and moisture when not in use.

Because scopes come with a wider size range of eyepieces, this adapter comes with four sizing rings and spacers, ranging from 51 to 60 mm (2-2.36 inches).

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B1 Binocular Adapter

MagView B1 Binocular Adapter product

Designed to be the sleekest digiscoping system on the market, the B1 Binocular Adapter is a set-and-forget design that shouldn’t interfere with how you use or pack away your binoculars. 

Digiscoping is more popular with scopes, which are mounted and often pull off longer-range views. But this binocular adapter gives you the opportunity to film or take photos without the need for a spotting scope.

The B1 bonds with the MagView Phone Plate to create what the brand promises to be an obtrusive digiscoping platform for steady, sharp photos and video. This adapter fits eyepiece sizes 38.5-43 mm (1.5-1.7 inches).

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Digital Memories

These MagView adapters work with existing equipment — a spotting scope or binoculars. And they promise to provide ease-of-use photography and videography. 

Photographers can enjoy the forced depth of field and low-light optics possible with scopes.

Birders can capture an image of a flittering bird before it takes off and work on identifying or just enjoying it later. A photo is also a nice reassurance when you’re reporting a rare bird. 

Beyond photos and videos, hunters can record and note herd movements ahead of the hunting season. 

If any of the above catches your attention, it’s time to check out these MagView optics in the field.

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Magnetic Scope Attachment

This article is sponsored by MagView. Find out more about its phone scope accessories online.


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