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Just Five Edits Permitted in a 30-Minute Period



Twitter recently began internally testing its much-anticipated feature, “Edit Tweet,” which would let users edit their tweets up to 30 minutes after they go live. The microblogging platform chose to test the functionality by initially making it available exclusively to Twitter Blue subscribers, a premium service.

Further Information on Twitter’s New Function

More information has been given regarding the size, scope, and time restrictions of tweet editing since Twitter first revealed that they were testing a long-awaited edit button. However, there’s more to it: A tweet can only be changed five times in a 30-minute period, contrary to Twitter’s claim that the test would let it “learn what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible.”

According to Twitter, a copy of the unaltered original tweet will always be available to the public. Thus, the label will reflect an “edited tweet” indicator that will display with an icon, timestamp, and label and will also include earlier iterations of the altered tweet. Users will more easily recognise the altered original tweet as a result of this.

In addition, Twitter indicated in a blog post that it would initially limit the availability of the Edit Tweet feature to one country for a period of time before eventually expanding it in response to user feedback. Thus, Twitter eventually confirmed to roll out the service in New Zealand and will later spread the feature to users of Twitter Blue in Australia, Canada, and the United States after it gains perspective on the usage pattern of the feature.

Regarding the edit feature, though, there have been conflicting opinions. Using the new function, some people worry, could lead to the transmission of political information or the use of crypto frauds. However, it won’t be clear until after the new feature is made available to all users and they begin using it regularly whether it will result in an error or prove to be a vital tool for revising. Additionally, the company previously unveiled a new dislike button.


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