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Broken fortress discovered under ‘mega-monument’ burial mound in Cyprus


Archaeologists excavating an enormous ancient burial mound in Cyprus have uncovered an even older structure hidden beneath it: a rampart, or part of a defensive wall, according to a statement from the Department of Antiquities Cyprus.

The large mound, known as the tumulus of Laona, is longer than a football field, or 328 feet long by 196 feet wide (100  by 60 meters) (opens in new tab) and was likely built around the third century B.C., when the successors of Alexander the Great were fighting for control of Cyprus and large swaths of the empire. Researchers have been gradually excavating and digitally documenting the tumulus over the past decade. But in a new finding, archaeologists learned that the tumulus was erected on top of a broken rampart that is even older than the mound, dating to the early fifth century B.C. 


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