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Accenture Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022


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I was interviewed at Accenture for the post of Associate Software Engineer(ASE) which was on campus at Shri Ramdeobaba college of engineering.

There were total 4 rounds in total.

Round(1): Aptitude: There were 90 questions to be solved in 90 minutes. the level of questions of aptitude, and logical reasoning were middle. If one has practiced it thoroughly then time is enough to complete them in time. This round is an elimination round. If the student qualifies for this round then after the exam within 10 minutes it is notified and processed for the next round.

Round(2): Coding: There were 2 questions to be solved in 45 minutes. Question 1 was of the easy level while the second was of the medium level. One of the questions was to sort the elements in the array and return the array and any sorting technique could be used. while the other question was about returning the smallest element in the given array.

Round(3): All those who qualified in round 1 received the mail for round 3 even though they can solve coding questions or not. This is the communication round which has 5 sections within it.

  • section 1: read the sentence as instructed
  • section 2: repeat the sentence as the instructor says
  • section 3: a single-line question was asked and we needed to answer with appropriate words
  • section 4: a small paragraph was dictated that could be heard only once. later 2-3 questions followed
  • section 5:there were 2 topics given and time to think and later for a minute we need to speak on the topic.

Round 4: Technical+HR round: The interviewer was very friendly and introduced himself and ask me to do the same. Then he opened my resume and asked me questions about my projects. the questions were as follows:

  • Why this topic was selected
  • What difficulties did you face

Some HR questions were

  • Describe a situation where you came up with an idea for a project and completed it
  • How do you take teachers’ feedback

the interview was about 35 minutes and he also opened the links to projects and profiles which I had mentioned on my resume. he asked me about the tech stack I used in the projects, and he asked me to explain the summary of the projects.

he ended the interview with a positive note saying so much to look at and asked in the resume. all the registration for the exam was via the superset account and the interview was held on the Accenture portal. they had sent the mail to select the slot for the interview and sent the confirmation mail along with the link for the interview.

Status: Selected


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