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16 BEST things to do in Queensland


If you are searching for things to do in Australia and the best places to visit in Queensland that get you off the beaten track, make sure you add soaking in an artesian bore bath to the list. Queensland is home to the Great Artesian Basin – a freshwater basin covering roughly one-fifth of the country (making it the largest and deepest in the world!) The best part? This underground water network is confined, pressurised, and heated to form a natural spa. These warm springs are a near-perfect 42°C by the time they reach the surface – the perfect natural bath. 

Two of the top places to visit in Queensland to experience these baths include:

Located just outside Cunnamulla, this sheep station has a designated unpowered camping area, with a ‘bore river’ running through the middle. Along the shoreline, ceramic bathtubs and faucets pumping the water direct from the basin are scattered for guests to use at their leisure. After two years of doing the big lap, this still ranks high on my list of top things to do in Australia and is one of the best things to do in South Queensland. 

These bore baths offer a more private bathing experience. The park has a number of dual bathtubs surrounded by a corrugated iron enclosure. You can bring your own nibbles and wine or order a platter from reception.


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